About us

The London Tongue-tie clinic is a unique collaboration between a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon – Shailesh Patel and an International Board Certificated Lactation Consultant – Katherine Fisher.

  • We take great pride in the services we offer based on our joint experience of assessing and treating up to 1000 babies a year in the NHS Tongue-tie Clinic at Kings College Hospital, London.
  • We aim to offer a holistic approach to help you to Breastfeed successfully by supporting the needs of both Mother and Baby.
  • We firmly believe that Tongue-tie division alone is not a ‘magic cure’ that may immediately end all your Breastfeeding difficulties. It is important that all other issues affecting your Breastfeeding have been addressed by an experienced Lactation Specialist before considering Tongue-tie division.
  • We believe that our fees are competitive and uniquely include assessment and treatment of your baby’s Tongue-tie by a Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, and Lactation Consultancy / Breastfeeding Support during and after Tongue-tie division. Please call Katherine Fisher on 07949176776 to discuss our fee structure or to make an appointment.

Our Practice Values

  • Holistic, caring, reassuring, unrushed approach.
  • Following assessment we offer parents appropriate information to enable them to decide on therapeutic options.

What Should Parents Look For When Choosing A Tongue-tie Practitioner?

  • Clinical expertise, extended competency in treating all variants of Tongue-tie, and treatment of recurrent Tongue-tie
  • Thorough explanation of the benefits, risks, and alternatives to Frenulotomy.
  • Thorough informed consent process which includes information on how to deal with post-surgical complications.
  • Ready availability of practitioner for post-surgical follow-up and to offer telephone advice and support.

For more information on this service, about Tongue-tie procedures including the risks and benefits, what to expect and how to take care of your baby post procedure, please read the Tongue-tie Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment Guide.