Frenulotomy Performed with Confidence and Skill

The procedure to divide a baby’s Tongue-Tie is called Frenulotomy; a small piece of tissue under the baby’s tongue is divided to enable optimum tongue movement and function, to help Mother and Baby to Breastfeed more effectively.

Following assessment of tongue mobility and a thorough and careful Lactation Consultation to assess readiness for the procedure is carried out. A decision is made to either divide the Tongue-Tie (Frenulotomy) or to offer on-going Breastfeeding support and lactation management strategies. Part of the initial consultation is to determine if there is an adequate maternal milk supply, which is important prior to division of any Tongue-Tie, and that baby has avoided any teat and flow preferences for expressed milk and/or artificial milk fed by bottles.

Post procedure follow up

All the patients should be seen again at day 5-7 and day 10-14 post Frenulotomy. At the follow up the wound should be reviewed for any adhesion and Breastfeeding support should be provided. If an adhesion has occurred it is possible to disrupt the wound (push apart the adhesions) with a gloved finger. Sometimes the wound will bleed a little, which is easily stopped by offering the baby a Breastfeed, then further post procedure massage is advised for a further 7-10 days. Feeding plans should also be reviewed and revised at each follow up appointment.